I am Parvati and I am so very old, and I have also lived many lifes on Earth as is a part of the Universe, so I am an universal being just as you are my dear friend.

In my lifes on Earth I did everything, I loved, I hated, I cried, I laughed, I walked long distances and the soles of my feet got marks of my long walk and hard sharp stones made them bleed sometimes. So I learned something.

I had to sit down occationally and I just had to accept that I couldn´t move until my wounds had healed. I hade to accept that I had to treat myself with love and care so my wounds could heal easier. I had to accept that I could not just rush around just as it had pleased me.

Time is of an essence!

Together with time, accepting time and loving time, seeing time as a good friend, maybe even the very best of friends and accepting that time would heal my wounds, it took away a lot of burdens from my shoulders.

And as soon the wounds was healed what did I do? Yes I started to walk around here and there once again, and my feet got sore once more, it even happened time after time, and slowly I started to really learn that  it is okay, everything comes and goes, and comes back again. And what I then learned was that I should really love my feet, and love each step that I took, for every single step was really so important that they deserved their own celebration.

But usually we only se something positive in a step when it actually gives us something out of the ordenary, like a positive moment happening in our lives. But what about all the other steps…when the days are grey and maybe boring and nothing special happens, they just are?

Those “boring” steps, actually leads up to the good ones don´t they? So why not find the joy in all of them?

So don´t “throw away” the boring days or the steps just that particular day when everything is “grey” or nothing seems to happen that is fun och joyful. 

Thank them anyway! Thank all of your steps every single one of them, and thank all of your days, even the “boring” ones!

When you realize that every step matter, and that all days have a special meaning, even those that seem slow, grey and nothing really happens, as you yourself see it. 

But I see something totally different! I know you! And now when I am an old universal soul I know about all of your steps and days.

The days when you think nothing important or interesting happens is a day of hibernating. 

What I want to say is everything is necessary! Day and night. Awake and asleep. All days cant be lived at full speed, some days are “slower” and you can be more meditative in your state of mind.

Do you understand me?

It can´t be full sunligth all the time, it must be rain too. Otherwise the flowers will not bloom, they will perish under the hot sun.

I feel you and your lovely amibitions to do things, and you sometimes want to live with full throttle, and you wonder why you become tired?

So I say, being balanced is the best way! Everything is a part of your package! So all your steps are actually so very important and a necessity for you to be able to do your magical things in your life.

I see the future where you actually love those days when you too sit down or slow down and take your time to contemplate and meditate over your free spirited dreams of your life and that is when you actually begin to create what you want and desire in life, so please dear friend, love each step that you take and love every day and every night.

I love you


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