My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In your world today, you could easily find millions of opinions on any given topic.
Whether you are discussing how to maintain your health, happiness, abundance, or sanity, you could easily fall into confusion if you attempt to sort through all the external voices to find “the right one.” The right choice for you, however, is much easier to discover. It will arise from within. It will come to you as a thought, a feeling, or sometimes simply a resonant feeling with the voice of another. A “right choice’ for you will positive, inspiring, or simply “right” and peaceful.

So while it is loving to honor and respect the opinions of others, it is loving to yourself to give your feelings more importance when making your personal choices. God speaks to each and every one of you through the murmurings of your heart. What is right for you personally will resonate with you.

There is not a single person on your earth—not a political leader, not your parents, your boss, or your landlord—who has more power over your life than you. There are many, however, who would like you to believe they are in charge of your life. If you give your power to others, many will gladly take it. For example, if you feel a boss is in charge of your abundance, they may use that energy to get the most from you. If you give your parents’ opinions, as they were decades ago, more weight than your feelings about yourself today, then those opinions will shape you. If you believe a political leader is in charge of your future, then you are the one granting them that power over your future by attuning to your fears.

The good news is that you don’t have to live your life in a constant state of fear and insecurity about what others will do and how their choices will affect you. Instead, you can live in alignment with your own soul, your own desires, and the Creator of Universes, who, with a single thought, has more power than any human or group of human beings upon your earth.

You were granted free will, and so was every other person on your planet. Others have as much right as you do to make their own choices. However, if you pay less attention to other’s opinions and choices and more attention to your own vibration and your own joy, then you will rise above the influences of the world. Instead of allowing the behaviors, opinions, and choices of others to control you, you can choose to be influenced by the power that sustains all of life and loves you beyond anything you can imagine. You can choose to listen to your feelings, to that still, small voice within that will always guide you in the kindest of ways.

We understand your world can seem scary. If you are on the road in a vibration that matches the drivers around you, you can indeed be affected by their choices.  If you are on trial, you can easily engage—even emotionally and energetically—in the fight being offered.  If your boss fires you, it would appear that they are robbing you of your abundance, and for the moment, that seems very real to you. If your parents criticized or abused you, it is easy to understand how you could go through life feeling unworthy.

However, dear ones, if you are on the road in a flow of love and peace, then you will flow around others who are not. If you stand faced with the judgment of others and give more importance to God’s love for you, then you will disengage from the energy of the battle, and have an entirely different outcome. If you are laid off but live in an abundant mindset the universe will quickly steer you towards a better job with an even better income. And if you stop telling yourself you are unworthy and begin to tell yourself a stronger and kinder story about being a child of the Most High, then dear ones, the opinions of others—past, present, or future—will no longer matter.

You all want to love and be loved. You all want your love to be seen. You all want to be understood. However, lowering yourself to match the energies of those around you will never get you these things that you so dearly desire. Instead, as you begin to rise above what is going on around you and refuse to dignify the darkness, you will disentangle yourself from its influence.

You will never feel warm and fuzzy about people who judge, criticize, and abuse you or others. You will never love the idea of someone driving unsafely or cutting you off in traffic. You will likely never have an easy time with the idea of being unfairly laid off so a company can hire someone cheaper.   But you can be a loving soul who focuses on appreciating what you can easily appreciate. In that vibration, you will repel those who criticize and attract those who look for the good. You can be the loving soul in traffic who prays for all, enjoys a good radio station, or appreciates the beautiful sky, thus opening yourself to a natural and protected flow.  You can talk sweetly to yourself and tell yourself kind stories, no matter how you were trained. Each time you choose to attune yourself to love, no matter how you do it, you will disentangle yourself from the pain of the past until your new self-loving, self-accepting behaviors become a habit.

We love you and support you in reaching for a more loving reality. We want you to experience a more loving life. We want you to enjoy the results of disentangling from those who would gladly take your power and instead give your power to the Love that creates worlds—the love that wants for you, all the loving things you want for yourself. We support you in realizing you are the authority in your life.

While it is wonderful to exchange ideas, learn, grow, and create together, ultimately, it is you who is in charge of deciding what beliefs you will adopt, what philosophies resonate with you, what foods agree with your own body, and what thoughts lift you vs. pull you down. If our words don’t resonate with you, we encourage and guide you to find others who will because you deserve to be happy! You deserve to be in charge of your own life. You deserve to live in peace, love, joy, and abundance of the Creator’s eternal out-breath.

Notice this week when you begin to give your power to others. This fear wears many disguises. It appears when you worry about what others will do, how their choices will affect you, and whether or not you’ll be able to cope with their decisions. This fear appears as the anger you can’t seem to let go when you witness another’s upsetting behavior. The anger gives you a temporary sense of power when you feel at the mercy of another’s choice. In truth, your greatest power lies in your alignment to love..

We understand that the 3D world can seem more real than the world of energy. One you can see and touch. The other you can only feel. For a while, you may continue to believe that the behaviors and choices of others have power over you, and if you live only according to the rules of 3D this is true.  Nonetheless, as you continue to turn away from the fear-mongering, and the upsetting behaviors of others and turn towards a kinder reality, you will rob the darkness of its power, at least in your life, and raise yourself into a loving, kind, guided, and harmonious reality. You will find your alignment with love and become a powerful force for love, kindness, and peace upon your earth. Only by experimenting—choosing to love what you ca in a given moment—will you prove to yourself that you are not at the mercy of others.

We love you. We are sending you a steady stream of acceptance, love, and guidance to the kindest path. Perhaps simply knowing that will assist you in turning towards a kinder reality in your life.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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