Blessed Beings, as you move forward within the density of Earth, you are breathing with the cycles of Time, with form and with the collective. What may seem like Restriction is an experience of movement.

Linear reflections are immersed in the cocoon of Life.

You as an individual are breathing unique information into life constantly. You are breathing the totality of your desires, wisdom and resolution into life. You are breathing the experiences, both triumph and challenge into life.

Restriction Builds

The engine of life is the breath of duality. The one breath is two opposites, inhale and exhale. The two opposites are truly three; the Connection is the sustainment that life is.

The three is the one within the all, separated into many.

The addition continues.

The mirror of Restriction is Time’s grace or grief. One moment is many, both gone and forever.

It is your consciousness that connects.

When Restriction is reflected, unknown is expected.

In the cocoon, the outside is first not considered. Then as Time’s grace flows, the Restriction is all consuming. Growth (Time) has called new strength.

Restriction Reflects

The struggle is its opposite, the strengthening. The Restriction is its opposite, Freedom. It is your consciousness that connects.

What does your mind know? What do you breathe in and exhale? What do you foresee will prevail? Is the struggle the strengthening or is it crushing wings?

Look to sunlight and song as nature moves on, for you are the Restriction of Light in Time’s infinite body.

There is wisdom and strength that is forever and gone. It’s a story and a line that cycles on.

Restriction Releases

Restriction is freedom to reshape what has been forgotten in Time.

Just breathe the sun’s light and song into your heart’s desire. The inhale and exhale sustain and grow. The cycle’s renew between Life and you.

You are restricted and free, the two within One. You are Restriction’s freedom, if you choose to be.

You are the cycles of Time; infinite formed. Breathe deeply and fly, for you are Life reborn. From Restriction to Freedom and back again.

Infinite doesn’t end, it enfolds all freely within.

Be Free.

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