Blessed Being, your unique ideas are a treasure to Life.

Universal Ideas

Between your eyes and ears the universe sees and hears. What you desire is of Life, for that is All you are. What you inspire is of Earth, for that is you in star.

What you create is Free; for you are love, unconditionally.

What you are is Life; coming from Time, to be.

Within the space of Earth your star is free, within the conditions of life birthed from universal tree.

Neurons connect great distance and electrify [elec-tree-fy] separations. Your perceptions cross lines and connect perforations.

Your mind is a universe contained and confined.

Your mind is a universe moving through Time.

Free Heart Mind

With open heart the mind creates. Distant stars shine bright as Time pulses and fades.

It is not lost, it becomes.

Contained and confined, space is remade and refined.

Your mind is a treasure that is buried in heart.

No map, no key holds a mind that is Free.

A heart unique, though separate, will be. For it beats with the pulse of universal electricity.

It is the pulse of Life that starts your heart. But it is your spark of life that creates the start.

For you are a universe contained in a brain.

It is through you that Life begins again.

You inspire and exhale and Life regales. Your creative spirit is how Life never fails.

Tears summon salt to feed electric desires.

Laughter becomes song waving water to fires.

You, blessed being, are Life’s greatest hope.

You are timeless, divine, and setting Hope free.

It is nascent creation on a neural journey through your mind and heart.

Let it be.

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