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Dear Ones,

As of this week, you entered the new epoch you have heralded within yourself for centuries. You and the earth successfully transitioned from the Age of Capricorn to the Age of Aquarius.

Granted, this transition has not been as delightful as you once imagined. Nor did it happen as rapidly as you would have liked. But it is here. Everything is in place for this new world.

You have contemplated and dreamed of this Age for much of your current and your previous lives. For, each Age is created by those who volunteer to do so eons before that Age is initiated.

Your world will not necessarily change overnight; instead, the global focus will rapidly shift from industry and finances to caring for others, the earth, and yourself.

Even though you learned about previous historical shifts, you probably did not realize those shifts were also preplanned. Transitions, like the current one, are not created by one being or in one part of the world but are a global response at a similar time. So it is now.

Media currently paints a picture of anger and rage because those deeply entrenched in the Age of Capricorn need to maintain those attributes despite indications that such is no longer appropriate. It is their last Capricorn gasp, an Age that is no more. Even so, there remains a brief foray into Capricorn so those who question the shift understand what they no longer want.

Perhaps an apt analogy would be the introduction of automobiles. Many people refused to shift from horse-driven vehicles to automobiles – until the number purchasing automobiles became too large to ignore, and owning an automobile became easier and sometimes less expensive.

So it is now. Many will proclaim that industry, with its related finances, reigns supreme. That is, until the titans of industry realize they are out of step with the masses and accept this new Age, or they are ignored by those who move on. Those of you who transitioned will negate those attributes for a softer, kinder world.

Your earth’s history features previous transitions, such as the Renaissance.

Even though this is a tremendous shift within and outside your being, it feels right because you have been preparing for this time for eons.

This Age of Aquarius has been percolating within your being for decades. Baby Boomers, some of the Greatest Generation, and others before that dipped their toes into the Age of Aquarius only to realize it was premature, that not enough beings wished to leave the industrial/financial world quite yet.

So those beings who tried to introduce the Age of Aquarius prematurely immersed themselves in the opposite of who they were – always looking for the rainbow that previous generations told them was their ultimate goal. A goal that never felt complete even if they achieved it. They were to initiate the Age of Aquarius when the time was correct. That time is now.

More and more are becoming upset with the global imbalance. An earth that has become top-heavy with rewards for a few. Leaving the remainder with hopes and dreams that never seem to become their reality.

As of this week, that top-heavy imbalance will begin to shift slowly, at first, until it is so dramatic no one can deny the reality of this New Age.

Those who have transitioned will feel like they are in a new world. And those who have not, or will not, will feel increasingly uncomfortable.

This is the global transition you have dreamed of for eons. Allow yourself to celebrate the rightness of who you are with no more hiding of the true you or a need to prove you are right to others. You are who you have always been but have been afraid to display because it was out of step with Earth’s reality – until now.

Be yourself – the world needs you. The games, the shoulds, and the have-tos no longer apply or even contribute to society. You are you in all your sparkling glory. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the –subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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