Dreams have become more intense of late to help us with the remaining things we need to know. I had one this week showing me the need for trust of our creative ability. In other words, we have to stop doubting our ability and stop saying, What if this happens or What if that happens?

As creators, we visualize and intend the outcomes we want to see. It’s time to stop second-guessing. We picture what we want to create and then we continue on. As our frequency increases and our ability grows stronger, we see increasing results of this creative ability. I’m hearing from more people about the success they are having.

As creators, we visualize and intend the outcomes we want to see.

It can be hard to believe, with everything we see in the external world, that we are actually in our new world. But we are in these new worlds now, most of the time. We occasionally drop out, if we get rattled or upset or sad, because our frequency drops. Remind yourself in those moments, I am in the New Earth now.

This is a powerful creative tool. Close you eyes, repeat it to your Self, and feel your heart expand. Feel your whole Self lift up. We have to be our biggest supporters, even if we run into 3D snafus.

Someone just asked me, How do we start to live on New Earth? I’ve been headed in that direction since I first glimpsed the New Earth on a walk one day several years ago, floating just a few inches above the old earth. That’s when I knew it was here, and we could connect with it.

Here’s a summary of how we get there:

We clear our old patterns using the many methods available.
We stop thinking so much. We get out of our heads.
We learn to love ourselves.
We move into our hearts, very intentionally, so that we begin to view the world differently.
We listen to our intuitive guidance and act on it. We learn to trust it.
We open our hearts and hang out in that open-hearted space.
We release what no longer feels good or resonates with us.
We express our gratitude on a regular basis.
We connect with our inherent divinity.
We begin creating the world we want to live in.

We are in a process of expansion into more of our new Selves, and even when we think we are there, we are going to discover there’s more. And as we move into this bigger expanded space, we may not completely recognize who we are, yet if we have learned to trust enough to let go of needing to control that, we can hang out in this expanded space and just enjoy it. I experienced this yesterday and it felt like being in a space of unfolding miracles and magic. I reconnected with a couple of people who had been problematic and there was no longer anything in me to react to them, and I was able to see them in a new way. We become so expanded, there’s nothing for others to bump up against. We are open to the discovery of what’s there beyond who we thought we were and where we held ourselves “in place” for safety. We expand into more love and acceptance and awareness. All we have to do is allow it and make space for it to happen. There is much more beyond what we have experienced so far, and we are making great progress.

Continue moving into the newness and anchoring this where you are, for all those around you. This is such big work, but exactly what we came to do. We’re surging ahead and making the New Earth a shimmering, glimmering reality and the place—the frequency—that we now call home.

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