What a fascinating card reading given the focus of the energies on mental shifts over these last 6 months.

Brain Shifts

As we move into the infinite mind, Areon has been focusing us on the subconscious blending into the superconscious.

The autonomic functioning of the subconscious is still present. Yet as you heal trauma and bring consciousness to unconscious patterning, you are bridging the separation within.

You are bridging the human/higher self interaction. You are activating the connective aspect of the subconscious into a conscious universal flow – the superconscious.

To support this observe the authentic thoughts and emotions that naturally flow.

Celebrate the awareness because it begins a process of change. Actively heal the fear and trauma. Reframe into new potential.

Amplify the positives.

This nurtures your sacred inner realm and allow the brain to follow the heart instead of over-protecting.

It creates coherence and creativity within you.

Heart Power

Areon has said for over a decade, “when the loving ones are boldly living their lives, that’s when the world really changes.”

That is the meek inheriting the Earth. Meek is not weak, it is those that understand dominance and manipulation only create a delayed opposition.

It is the empaths that will inherit the Earth.

It is an advanced courageous energetic, an evolved state of being. As your infinite mind and your empathic nature activate, you are inherently Connected and creative, using your Creative Harmonic.

Enhanced Connection

I always like to look at the card on the bottom of the deck when I’ve completed a reading.

The card that was there was so pertinent.

It is what results from activating the infinite mind Brain Circuitry and courageously connecting with Life with bold Empathy.

The card is Freedom.

The healing intention from the booklet perfectly reflects the Brain Circuitry and Empathy in healthy concert: “My inner realm is sacred, strong and creating my Freedom.”

Powerful one, when you perceive through the connective, empathic lens of the infinite mind Brain Circuitry, you are aligned with the vast invisible engine that builds worlds.

You are creating with greater support from the subtle realm instead of just physical realm rules and efforts.

You still use those, we’re in the physical.

But you’re blended into a Freedom that isn’t visible and therefore isn’t as penetrable as the chaotic mind and the contracted empath.

You are divine and you were meant to be free—within the construct of physical realm rules.

But within you is the construct of non-physical realm rules.

Use your sacred mind (Brain Circuitry) and heart (Empathy) to create your life.

And get your loving energy into this world.

A coherent mind/heart complex has a powerful, though invisible, impact.

Love boldly and brilliantly.

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