This card reading was done on the Equinox for the final quarter of 2022. However, these cards are designed to assist your path of Ascension and therefore the information is timeless.

While I won’t detail each card that is in the reading because the video goes through it, I’d like to expand on the card that came up as the “cause” of all the other cards.

I’m also going to point out two really cool synchronicities with this reading that I didn’t talk about in the video.

We are in an interesting energy. As things intensify in the external, it is the time of the internal to surf those waves. Areon describes this as the spiral tightening.

We live in a spiral galaxy and the spiral flow is at the core of all movement here. It effects time, it effects form. At the core of that spiraling dance is your Self Worth.

The Engine of Self Worth

This first card in this pyramidal reading is the engine of creation that is the center point of the hourglass spiral, Self Worth.

It is the push/pull as the two opposite flows connect. It is the point of implosion/explosion, new creation, new flow, zero point, inner to outer, new direction. It is the mechanism of new creation.

Self Worth is the lens through which life is experienced. When you don’t feel Love for the sacred life that you are, you don’t see All Life through the filter of Love as easily.

This can breed unconscious solutions that cloud clarity through judgment, jealously, lack, competition, sacrifice and greed.

Survival is built into the system. Thriving is its evolution.

Many have had to survive by hiding from Self Worth, for it became a beacon of food for wolves.

Many became unconscious where support turned to sacrifice to enabling.

The Engine of Love

Love is a mechanism of connection. Here, your Self Worth connects you to the energy of the other cards.

Self Worth is the cause, effecting life.

It reverses the external cause and effect to the internal cause affecting Life.

When the spiral tightens, it is time to go more internal.

This is metaphorical in the sense that we are within many cycles at once. However, you see within the laws of nature that the external is predominantly out of your control. You are sovereign within.

You have the keys to your inner realm, and you allow entry through focus and refocus.

As the energy of the Connected Self begins this quarter, your inner Connection becomes paramount.

Connection and Love are synonymous.

When Self Worth connects you with Life, a flow of Love abounds. The binds that entwined the divine unwind. Love unfurls new leaves to receive the abundant light of life.

The information of Love seeds the future through you.

As you receive, you give. As you give, you receive. Both spirals are always flowing. You are the Balance point between, the fulcrum of direction change.

This reading was done on the equinox, and I always love to look at the bottom card when I’ve finished the reading. It just feels like a quiet message. The bottom card was Balance. What a great equinox message!

The second synchronicity was amazing, because these cards are shuffled and used A LOT. I did a card reading in December for the first quarter and overall energies of 2022. The two cards from that reading are the two cards on the right side of this reading.

The mirror of Life.

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