Blessed Being, as you reflect through Time your Awareness is the prism of Connection that shapes Life.

With Open Awareness you dance with Life.

Discovering paths of creation’s delight.

All that you do, feel, think and be is Loved.

It is the data of Life that builds resonance into Connection’s glove.

This is the power of your Awareness softly planned.

You hold Life in your Vision’s hand.

It congeals the unseen to be felt and formed.

Futures passed through your heart warmed.

Sometimes through the burn of hate, sometimes through the heat of fate.

Always the fire transforms to create.

Awareness of All

“Mistakes” are clarity experiences, not wrong.

Goals are journey experiences, not endpoints.

Being is a Connection experience, never ending.

Your Open Awareness touches heart and mind.

It allows future’s path to compel and unwind.

Open Heart

As dimensions unfurl locked doors to enter, your Awareness tracks clues to root deep in winter.

Seasons hide depth of support in soil; whether flower or freeze, dreams are beneath the boil.

Sweetly inside, they are sung to sleep. Gently rocked and held as growth is deep.

Open Awareness has arms open with Love. It is not forced or coerced, it is honored and beloved.

To be in Love allows Connection’s flow.

Doubt is held in wisdom’s glow.

It understands the unknown feels separate and foreign.

Yet Connection softens shells to allow Love in.

Your Open Awareness is how new Life flows.

Your Open Awareness is how your Love grows.

Your Open Awareness is how Time sews.

Love boldly, dear Creator.

This world is yours.

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