Blessed Being, as your year winds down your energy phases into an internal focus in many ways. Things come a little closer, they become more magnified.

It is the way of endings and beginnings; that they have a magnetic intensification, an amplification.

The Collective Self

We call your attention to the Collective Self at this time, when it is naturally a season of giving and receiving more. As your internal and external flow increases, your intentions amplify as well.

This culminating Time of connection is the perfect opportunity to see the mirror of self and collective reflected. The importance of this is paramount as the energy of the planet nurtures you into a new cycle.

Your beloved energy and information is part of a biomechanism extending beyond your self, into the All.

Your information has a passive and active force of gravity that compels and reacts in the unseen.

When you are allowing your conscious and active Love to saturate yourself and life, you are touching the mirror and fingerprinting more Love into the reflection. It clouds some, gathers momentum and rains clean, the rainbow exposed.

Nurturing your loving focus, refining pity to knowing, and connecting fear to its future friend are how you hold a powerful momentum for the Collective Self.

What saturates you is the solution.

For it is not the stars that determine your fate, they are the electromagnetic glory that light your path. Where that leads is for your foot to find. You step on rocks and water, refining balance and direction.

You discover a path, with resistance or not, for your feet will go where they can. They are limited in form. Your Subtle Bridge is not.

The Collective Self understands that each step is in Time. It is in the past, it is in the future, yet you take it now.

What energy do your feet imprint through Time?

Healing the Collective Self

Do not worry about a perfect step. Take the step. If the journey is challenge in a moment, that authentic experience benefits all Time. It creates solution that has been saturated with the truth of perspective. Allow the collective of life to support you. The path of least resistance is the path of gravitational assistance.

Allow yourself to communicate honestly with the Connected Self and the Collective Self will benefit through Time.

You are the Collective of life through grand cycles of Time. Here, in this singular moment, you are the infinite in finite.

Breathe in the power of air to sustain you moment by moment. Drink in the sustenance of water to nourish each cell.

Stand tall on the rocks of giant-spheres of [444] Love that cherish your feet. As the fire burns around, it burns within.

Impassion the future with your fierce grace. You, the Collective Self, are Life’s vehicle of creation.

collect live love.

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