Wow! Talk about ascension symptoms! The last few days it has really intensified. The energies are intense and Friday I was talking with a friend who wanted to know what I was experiencing. In turn, I wanted to know what she was noticing. Turns out, we were both feeling “weird.” Independently, we’d both come up with that word to describe how we were feeling. And then, online, I saw that someone who writes about this process said she was also feeling “weird” in these energies.

Now, just a note, if you look at the etymology of that word, weird, it means to become and having the power to control destiny.

So this is super interesting—that as I struggled to find a word to describe how I felt before I talked to my friend, the word weird rose up. And even tho I was using it to describe some feelings I couldn’t describe very well, that word contained in it the seed of what was taking place: our becoming. Our moving into our ability to create our new lives and our new worlds. It is so interesting how this process works, and how clearly we are guided, again and again, to where we need to be. This whole process feels so orchestrated by our incredible higher guidance and support, who seem to be holding signs that read, Right this way. You’re doing great.

This whole process feels so orchestrated by our incredible higher guidance and support.

But back to the symptoms that have been so intense in these last few days. Here’s what we’re going thru: incredible fatigue, pressure in the head, ear ringing has subsided but occasionally comes back, unsteadiness or tippiness, and my friend said she has to keep grounding. I’ve been wanting to eat lots of carrots, and any vegetables grown in the ground are considered grounding. Also, there’s an inability to focus, and thus we both have gone back to having a little bit of caffeine to help with that.

She said she’s also been eating “junk food,” which for her is probably organic chips. I’ve been also eating some salty foods like chips after not eating any salt for quite a while. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves, as Don Miguel Ruiz said in The Four Agreements, “Always do your best.” Whatever that is. Sometimes we need a little help. And we are not perfect. And there is no instruction manual for this process. We are literally feeling our way as we go. Important to remember.

All that said, here’s what I’m hearing about this. The process has amplified. There is much happening now. Never forget it is happening because of you and for you. You have come to make it happen, and you are creating it. This seems simple enough yet it is complex and involves the complete shift of your way of being.

You are already there, in one sense. Your heart is there and the way you are seeing the world. Your physicality is catching up with you. You’ve gone thru the shift into your new crystalline light bodies, and you are learning to create. The amplification continues to lift you even higher. You are discovering how easily your thoughts now bring about what transpires in your reality. You are able to see this, and it’s happening all the time. You are arriving at the point where you completely accept this and realize that yes, you are creators.

We’ve all had experience creating, thru painting, writing, photography, music, cooking. There are so many ways. But now we see we are creating the entire tapestry by using our inherent power and ability to create. By using our restored, light-infused divinity to bring our thoughts into physical being. And as our numbers grow, this will have a greater impact.

So take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come, know that you are closer with each passing day. The magic that you wanted to connect with is here.

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