We have had a major release in the last week that will be enormously helpful. We were able, as a collective, to release the huge chunk of negativity that was holding so many in its grip. With this release, you may notice that your own tendency to have a judgment or negative assessment is stopped in mid-thought. You may be reminding yourself, that’s not who I am now, and that’s not how I think.

This is very important to our evolution, as this frees us from the constant nagging negativity that has plagued us for so long. We can notice the freedom this brings, and the happiness.

What’s happening now is interesting. People are noticing our light and commenting on it. They may not know what’s taking place, but they are seeing how we are changing. This is part of their awakening. Awakening is happening all around us now. A neighbor called who I hadn’t talked to in some time. He’s a nature lover, but a while back he told me he was using herbicides in his yard. I shared the dangers of using them, not just to us but all the wild creatures. His call was to let me know that he stopped using those products. And he thanked me for making him aware.

This past week, in my own community, I am seeing many people beginning to notice their alignment with the cosmos. In other words, they are seeing where they are aligned and where they are not. Their awareness is expanding. And this is because we have anchored so much light here, in ourselves and on the planet.

People are commenting about how much they enjoy the birdsongs and watching the wildlife. They are realizing their part in the big picture. And each one has a crucial role. We begin to see we are either contributing, or we’re not. Once we see that we can contribute, we cross into the new energy. Our hearts begin to open and we take on more light.

We have anchored so much light here, in ourselves and on the planet.

And with this massive influx of energy (our ears are ringing, we have trouble sleeping many nights), we are surging forward into the new. We’re embodying the new consciousness and sharing our evolving self with those around us. Words aren’t needed, the energy does its magic. And there is magic daily now, in spite of the goings-on in the outer world. We are clear—we are here to create peace and to model our heart-centered New Earth. This is our mission. We feel it and we know it, and there’s no shaking us out of our stance. This is firmly anchored within us now. We are moving quickly, carried by the cosmic currents toward our new shores. The shift is visible all around us now. Our hearts are happy. This is what we came for, and our evolution is lighting things up beyond what any Independence Day can do. This is our celebration of freedom. This is our anthem. We are the way now and we invite each one to join us. Here’s to freedom, here’s to love, and especially, here’s to the New Earth!

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