My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We say this all the time. We love you. We love you more than you can ever comprehend through human logic because our love is not based on logic. Our love is based on remaining true to our essential nature, which is love. Your essential nature is love, too. You feel best when you are immersed in love, either loving something or someone, loving an idea, loving your dinner or your dessert, loving yourself, and loving your Creator. You feel the flow of the Creator’s love moving through you no matter where you aim your love and attention. When you love, you feel like the best version of yourself. In fact, you are.

When you love, you are the wave, feeling the power of the ocean within and beneath it.

You all love to be loved as well. You all love to be acknowledged. You all love to have others shine the light of love upon you. When someone loves you, you feel your worthiness far more easily than if you had to believe it on your own. When someone loves you, you see a reflection of your own beautiful heart mirrored back to you through the eyes of another. When someone loves you, you start to love and acknowledge yourself more. You take better care of yourself. You shine more brightly. In the mirror of someone else’s love, dear ones, you feel more like your true self. In love, you want not only what is best for you but good for all. In love, you are the best version of yourself.

However, you need not wait for another to love you to live “in love.” You can live “in love” at any given moment. You can find something to love and feel that flow of love moving through you. You can look at your own body or nature to witness the immense miraculous love that the Creator has for you. You can ponder the miracle of the strawberry in your palm and its magnificent journey just to give you one delicious bite of sweetness. You can watch a tiny bee on a flower and marvel at his dedication to pollinating your food and flowers and bringing you honey. You can, dear ones, if all else fails, feel the sun upon your face and ponder the star that gives life to your planet. love is present in the magnificent dance of the stars in the cosmos and the unending rhythm of the ocean. Divine love is everywhere. “Seek, and ye shall find.”

Practice finding the feeling of love so you can connect with it more and more frequently. Think of it as a skill you are developing. As you find that feeling of love, your vibration is instantly raised. Immediately, you are in a flow towards all you desire. In the feeling of love, you can hear or perceive us more easily. You have more joy. You feel more confident. You trust life more. All this happens when you practice finding that feeling of love – for, in truth, this is your “home frequency.” This is where you feel most like your real self. As you feel the feeling of love—no matter whether giving or receiving—you become less susceptible to external energies and more susceptible to the adoring guidance of the Divine and your angels. In this vibration, you become a light unto the earth.

Dear ones, it is not hard to find small things to love if you are willing. Pick up a stone. Marvel at its texture. Imagine its journey into your hands, perhaps from the center of the earth herself, perhaps from the compression of an ancient seabed. Imagine the rivers that carried and polished it. Imagine the eons it has seen throughout its life. Love and appreciate it. Or pick up your morning beverage and contemplate the countless souls who worked to produce, ship, package, market, and deliver it to you. You are drinking the efforts of thousands of souls who loved their families or lives enough to get up and do their jobs to bring you your morning drink. Or take a single moment to appreciate a single plant and the thousands of cells growing within it right here and now. It is humming and buzzing with life eternal, moving into and out of form.

Love is present at all times, with or without the people you love being right in front of you. Your dear ones in spirit are here. Sit and receive their love. Your angels are here. Sit and receive our love. The Divine is here. You can always sit and receive that love that you are.

The more you connect to love, in any way you choose to do it—through sleep, meditation, appreciation, doing things for yourself or others, prayer, walking, cooking, creating, serving, and being—the more you will feel your best, most powerful, most abundant, care-for, beloved self. Don’t wait for others to give you this gift of love. Claim it for yourself often, and then when others shine that light upon you, it will simply amplify the love you have already found, flowed, and inspired from within. Love is here for you now and always. It is yours for the tuning, the taking, and the sharing.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

The post Connecting to love first appeared on Ann Albers Visions of Heaven.

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