As you listen to the meditation, feel into the words and the Light Language. What Connections are enhancing for you? They feel inspiring, creative and exciting.

What Connections are releasing for you? They were depleting, overwhelming and confusing.

The Connected Self meditation will help you release and activate for a deeper connection within and with Life.

Life wants you to thrive. You are Life’s vehicle of creation.

Invisible Connection

The experience of separation is of our density. Yet, we are also invisibly connected. As we elevate our attention to the invisible, we align with the engine that builds form.

You are Connected to the systems of Life. Within the Earth experience you are giving and receiving information into the Earth collective continuously.

You receive unconsciously, for you are immersed in the field of Life on Earth.

You receive consciously; choosing to connect your attention to people and stories.

As you receive, how does it connect within you? Does it enhance or deplete?

Does it challenge you to greater heights, even if you cascade downhill (and build momentum)?

What layered information do you emit info the field?

All is well, dear creator. Life resolves to its core. Love.

Trusting Life

As one Connected to the system of Life, you are part of a timeless flow of creation. The system is fail-safed to Love because it is Love.

Connection (Love) is inherent. Though perspective may not see the invisible Life, the patterns still flow.

The beginnings began and the endings blur man, but the moment’s span is infinite and grand.

The Connection of starts and stops is all directions, though much unseen.

It is the perspective of experience where wisdom is gleaned.

Trusting the Self

Within your deep instincts are patterns of continuing Life. You may call it survival, indeed it is. Yet it reflects a choice point that opens the door to Love.

The instinct to survive begins the recognition of your sacred value. The infinite in you.

Loving the self opens new directions to perspective that you see others through and others see through you.

The information becomes courage and change. The information emits encouragement and path.

You build a new map for those resonant with the heights.

What depletes defines choice. What repletes [sic] refines voice.

Sing your song into life for Earth to hear.

It is often silent and always sacred. Still sounds pulse deep and waves butterfly the beat.

The invisible becomes visible in you.

You are replete.

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