This past week, my intuition guided me into an experience I want to share. Recently I heard someone say online that we are going to be meeting members of our soul tribe. And I thought, that would be nice, I wonder where? And then I expanded that idea: we are also going to be meeting people who know what we’re talking about.

Then, on my bike ride I saw a young man standing in the willows by the pond, saying, “At some point you say to yourself, how long do I want to keep doing this?” I wondered if he was OK because I didn’t see anyone else around, but then I saw another young man so I kept going.

When I came back past them some time later, I was strongly guided to stop to see what they were doing. As it turns out, they were cutting slender willow shoots for an art installation for an upcoming event to celebrate the Goddess energy. I made a comment about the Goddess energy returning now, and this young man’s face lit up. He said, “That’s why we’re doing this.” So we talked a bit more, and he told me he’d lived all over the world and had settled here now because of everything that’s happening here. He told me some of the things he’s involved in. Then he asked what I do. I decided to tell him: I’m creating our New Earth.

In a grand gesture, he immediately removed his baseball hat, put it over his heart, and told me he was with me 100 percent. The energy of his gesture was stunning and I felt it in my whole being. When we experience things as energy, they are amplified. We can feel the truth. We can feel the connection. We can feel the integrity of the other person who is also moving in the same direction. Doors are opening. The light is shining even brighter. Our New Earth is expanding. Just this one gesture was so telling and so encompassing.

As I rode off, I thought, is this how we’ll meet our soul tribe? Random encounters where we’re guided to engage? Probably it will happen in all kinds of unexpected ways. It will definitely be fun to see how this takes place.

Putting ourselves in the New Earth energy creates the New Earth around us.

As we experience the shifts that are taking place, remember to put yourself in the new energy and the new space with your intention. I am in the New Earth now. I am a part of the New Earth. I am creating it. My heart is open and ready for this experience. Feel yourself expand as you say these words. Expressing our intention in this way can lift us up into the higher frequencies, which is important to do now, as we are still shifting back and forth between the old and the new. Putting ourselves in the New Earth energy creates the New Earth around us.

Carry this energy consciously. Consider new approaches and new solutions. Open yourself to the guidance coming thru. Welcome all the new light. Connect with the one you are becoming. Create with everything you are doing. Put it out there what you want to see and experience. Are you going to the market? Call in the New Earth energy around you and see what happens. Allow it to wrap you in its magic. The moment we let go of the old, we are new. This is a pivotal moment of transformation. Breathe and feel your cells buzzing with evolution. The universe is offering a grand gesture to you, honoring you for choosing to take this path. Hand over heart, it is with you 100 percent.

Everything is happening here, within you and around you, within us and around us, as we embrace our sovereign ability as creators, as we move into leadership and pull on the mantle of our burgeoning truth.

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