Blessed Being, your density is a gift of the Earth experience. Your transcendence of it is your gift to Life.

You transcend by integrating fully.

You embrace the opposites and unknowns. You navigate the endings and beginnings. You become density embraced and forming Life.

Forming Density

You are navigating duality by being in the world but not of it.

As you sustain your unique awareness of your desires and potentials, Life densifies to what you magnify. As you release trauma and suppression you transcend. As you activate your desires you transcend.

You change the fabric of your being constantly as Life responds to the present moment.

Releasing Density

Your physicality is a constant movement of non-physical, subtle information.

Where your attention goes, energy flows. What you feed you breed. You have many helpful ways to understand the bridge of subtle to dense.

Your subtle bridge informs form through time. Time flies when you’re having fun. And Time ceases when you are infinite.

It is within the heart mechanism that you bridge the play of time and timeless.

Integrating Density

It is the heart mechanism that bridges Earth and sky. It is an energy of conscious allowance; embracing that spirals Life into you.

At times this will feel like a joyous freedom. At times this will feel like a determined strength.

At times it will feel like control has been lost and the only choice is to flow.

The ultimate allowance.

The most powerful opposite you will learn to navigate is control and lack of control.

Life wants you to take healthy control and direct your life.

You are Life.

Life wants you to release unhealthy control and allow the co-creation.

Life is you.

When you soften those two into their myriad reflections, you find yourself in paradox, at the door of transformation. Perhaps transcendence.

Paradox presides.

Infinite Form

To transcend your density form, you find your deep knowing that all is well, offering you freedom to relax control.

This relaxing opens your field to new potential.

Life elevates your flow into a higher/less density.

Direct your will; healthy control.

Relax your focus and listen; healthy release of control. 

Life will (en)lighten your awareness. Life will stir your emotion.

Time will spiral you forward and back, in and out.

Embrace both. It connects you into the present.

Direct life and allow Life.

Density forms through you.

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