Are You Very Awake? ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very awake in the knowing of who we really are as aspects of Source, and when you are in the presence of beings who know this, that knowing does rub off on each individual. That means it is better for you to put yourself in the company of those who hold that knowing to be a truth and not a belief, and that is why people have sought a guru, or several gurus, throughout the course of their lives. These transmissions are not just about giving you teachings, spiritual practices or information. They are about giving you an attunement first and foremost. They are about being a reminder to all of you of who you really are as Source Energy Beings who are pretending to be human beings. 

You are essentially having a human experience, while also buying into the performance completely. You are method actors, playing your roles as perfectly as you possibly can, and we are no longer performing. We are continuing to remember completely who and what we really are and offering that energetic transmission to anyone and everyone who is also interested in having that experience. Now, not everyone is. 

Some people, whether they know it or not, are still playing with this idea of self as one who is just a simple human being, and people need to do that in order to have very specific experiences. So when you wonder why so and so hasn’t awakened yet, and you think it is because you just haven’t been able to get through to them, think again. That soul still wants to have that experience, and has not awakened within the dream yet in order to give itself that particular human experience that can only be had in the asleep state. 

But you must be true to yourselves, and you must be true to your purpose there on Earth, and because we know you are awake spiritually, we can tell you that one of your biggest missions there on Earth is to just hold that knowing of who you really are, and then be in the presence of others who have yet to access that knowing within themselves for whatever reasons they have. Do not worry about them, because everyone will be all right, and everyone’s soul has experiences planned for them that will awaken them. Once you have had certain experiences enough, and you have gotten everything that you needed from those experiences, then there is no point in continuing to have the experience.

Let’s give you an example. Let’s say you were bullied as a child, and it affected your self esteem, your anxiety levels, and there is a lot of anger inside of you as a result of that bullying. Now, as an adult, you can still walk around in fear and anxiety about someone intimidating you, or oppressing you in some way, but if you deal with your trauma from your youth, you will not create that experience for yourself again. Therefore, it is good for you to recognize what you are carrying around in terms of fear, anxiety, anger, and so on, and it is good for you to release them by allowing yourselves to feel those energies, those emotions, moving through you. 

And then you can forgive the others who bullied you, and then you can release the fear and anxiety that you will be picked on in some way again, and then you will not attract those souls to you who will agree to play the role of your adult bully, because you will not need them to do that anymore. And then, you can start to make decisions about the types of people you do want to associate with and the types of people you do want to be around, and you can let their knowing of who they really are rub off on you and give you the attunements that you desire. We all want to hold that knowing of who we really are as much as possible, and we all can if we make the choices necessary to fully remember who we really are all the time, not just when the circumstances are perfect. And from where we sit, that’s where you all are right now.”

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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