I am Uriel and I am here tonight to say, let´s start from the beginning.

What do I mean? 

First of all I say: Do not be afraid!

What I mean is if you go to a class for 10 years and after 10 years you do not understand the very meaning of the lessons, not one single one…what do you think the teacher would say? Would the pupil be passed?

No of course not. And what would the teacher say? Or do?

Well the good teacher would say, lets start from the beginning and now I will explain in an other way, because that may help you understand what I want to teach you.

I know you talk about a reset, and that much will “tumble down” and in a way it is true. But.

The good teacher, does not punish. Oh no. That is never necessary, because the good teacher always knows that life itself is hard enough for the pupil, the pupil will met a resistance there and that is enough.

There is a lot of talk now about that the truth will be revealed, and that is also true, and much is because truth can not be stopped. The truth will come out in the end, and that is the new beginning.

I listen with my ears and I find that many are afraid of the new, the beginning, and that it will not be a clean start. But rather a hijacked start where multi-billionairs are taking everything from people, that are not going to own anything. 

And this is based on?

Yes it is fear. This is a fear based prophecy of the future…and do you want to make it happen?

So I say skip it! Skip this fear and go for happiness instead.

What do YOU dream about? What is a happy dream for you where you see into the future?

You create with your feelings. So if you read all what is written, all the prophecys that are negative and based on fear…and you believe in them…what DO YOU CREATE THEN?

Please watch your mind, how you think. And what you feel.

Those that are in control of Earth right now, they play out their last cards. But they use a technique that actually is based on YOU.

They make you scared. The make you feel fear. And they feed you with scenarios of many many many different kinds, because they can.

And they are so lazy that they make you their puppet so you will create (by fear) their win.

So dear beloved, please don´t go for it. Don´t swallow the baite.

Programming of your mind starts with all the technology that you have now in your homes and in your very hands. Tv. Computer. Phone, did I forget anything?

Turn it off, really off, you can un-plug it too.

Use it as little as you possibly can. And only for really good causes.

This is actually the beginning of a new era, when you decide to turn things off that does not do any good to you or your family or friends.

This is the beginning. When you are in control. 

From the beginning does not mean going back to live in caves, it does not mean what you actually think and have read about.

It means that you are awake! And in the very beginning people where awake! Because they had no wireless, microwave beming radiation coming from telephones, computers, routers, and masts and more.

They had to deal with life wich is hard enough! But they had each other, they talked to each other. How much do you talk to each other when you look at a movie? Or sit by your computer?

Just think about it.

Use the technique for really good things, and then it is up to you, to turn it off, and start talking to your family and friends instead, do something like picking up an old hobby that you used to love or do something new that you love.

You are you own creator.

You create what you love, if you choose that. Do you choose love?

Or do you choose fear?

This is very important questions that you have to ask yourself, daily.

I would love to see that you choose love, because it is the only way forward into the higher realms that you can co-exist in.

It is a hard life anyway without the advanced techniques, you have to stay warm in the winter, get food, find a shelter to live in, a home. 

And we want all of you to have a nice warm home, a good bed and food to eat, we want all to be safe and warm. 

We say prayers all day and all night for you. And we are many.

But we reach better to those that are not sitting by a computer all the time, or with a phone in hand.

And how does this work? Well when you use this techniques and sit close to phones, to tablets, computers and routers, you get un-earthed.

It is like you are flying around, and we have a bigger problem in reaching you.

The new technique is making you un-plugged to God, to Jesus, to the angels, to your guides, this is not a good technique at all.

You need to be grounded, earthed to be in a good contact with us. And your modern techniques lay out a big hinders for you. And you need to drink much more water, because you get more easily de-hydrated with it too.

Water is so important. Water IS YOU. Water is the communication hub in you. 

So please. You are the new begining. And we need you! 

Ground yourself everyday! Use the techiques to a minimum and only to good things.

Focus on what you love! Imagine a happy life, and create this in your mind and in your heart. Drink water! And love every drop of water and love every part of yourself!

I love you so much and I am always by your side,


I am Kerstin Eriksson and I am the channeler of this message from archangel Uriel.

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