I am Michael and I love you, just hear me out!

Walking and living on Earth is a real work.

Experiencing all that is possible on Earth is many times like living in a storm.

But you are the true creator!

You are the one, that make your storm into a perfect storm!

Ride with it, not against it!

How do you do this?

You are the clay, that you hold in your etherical hands.

Your etherical hands are your divine guidance, your family of the universe and more.

You will find this co-operation within the realm of your heart. 

Then you will find that these etherical hands actually are you, that you are a very big part of the new creation.

This new life, the new creation, is the way to live on Earth.

Some say every person is an island. I say every person is an entire universe.

You just have to realise this! 

The old is closing the doors now. The old will fall apart.

What was the old? An imbalance!

An imbalance that you already know the most about, I do not even have to tell you?

But I will say this; You are the true creator of your universe!

It all starts with you! Within you!

Ask yourself, what are you grateful about? Write it down on a piece of paper! Write at least 10 things that really warms your heart!

Shift to gratefullness! Being grateful is an entire world! When you feel it, you will know it!

Your world, Earth, will be blessed with greater love and compassion, more grace, and new friendships will flourish.

And how will you act? What will you choose to do? 

I say; start where you are! Exactly where your feet are! 

Your heart is the lantern, that dispels the darkness. 

Your hands are the healing hands of your universe, the crew that you work with.

Angels always work in groups, and so do you!

I love you, 


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