I am Michael and I serve God and you! 

Today I have a lot to say and I will start by saying:

Don´t let anyone say that you are unsignificant!

Because I and my crew need you!

We need you and you are actually a part of my, and of our team, and you already know it of course!

But what is so very important for you to really understand?

Sometimes you think we are not there?

Other times you think to yourself: what can I do? Can I really do anything that matters and that is of a positive effect for Mother Earth and for the life here?

And actually you should know by now, we are not there…we are HERE!

Yes! We are amongst you, now, at all times. And you are one of us!

We are peaceworkers! We are very old and we have done this in many worlds before we came to Earth.

And you where there too, with us, doing it, creating peace is something you are very familiar with.

And now you hesitate?

You have doubts about who you are, and what you can achieve?

Well the thing is, your and our enemy use destabilization, to shake you up, and make you disoriented.

So what can I tell you now? Well you have to create a stronger base to stand on! You can with your own intention make yourself a lot more stabilized, and focused, so you will not be effected as much.

And how can you do it?

My advice is: 

Get a daily rutine. I really mean it! It is highly important that you do this every day.

Meditate each day, after your prayer, and focus on a mountain you love, chose one, it is a free pick for you!

Meditate on this stabil material and be friends with it, earth youself together with its mass, and realize that the very part of earthing is highly important right now.

The mountains stand by to help you! Yes of course you can communicate with them, everything is energy!

The mountain can´t come to you so you have to seek up its energy and get a very deep connection with Earth, your Mother, as the enemies stir you up constantly in a negative way.

So this will help you “fly under the radar” 

Love and peace have already won on this planet but still, there will be interfearence and you who are a part of our – my team – are so very important, more important than you can ever know.

And I will say, please ask me, ask us and we will explain if you don´t understand, and most of all, we love you,


I am Kerstin Eriksson and I am the channeler of this message from archangel Michael.. 

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💓 Have a beautiful day!



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