I am Michael and I serve God! Good vibrations! That is what it is all about! I am also honest and this can be troublesome for some people!

I serve you all! I am with everyone of you! And you work on your learningcurve at all times, and it is the same as your life here on earth.

You are a soul in a body, in a costume! No matter how your costume looks like, your body, your soul is the same!

And what matters to me? What is my work, really? I say time after time that “I serve”, but what does it really mean?

Well, I make you stronger! And I protect you!

Sometimes you can get really angry at me? For you think “why didn´t archangel Michael protect me” at a certain moment?

Well, you see, I am there with you anyway! But you have to encounter things and happenings in your life – to learn! So that your soul can grow!

I can never roll out a safety carpet for anyone! So that you would be protected twenty-four-seven all days around the year. 

No that would be a mistake from my part, if I did that!

For your soul has an ambition! You as a sovereign soul has a free will and I can never hinder your experiences that your soul wants to learn more about.

So it might seem that I am not so very nice at times?

It is okay if you are angry at me, because you don´t fully understand your soulpurpose.

I am always around. I always know what is going on. You can always call on me! I always love to see you!

But of course I protect you also! Many times! I am in direct contact with billions of guides and we work as one!

You are safe! You are safe with me! But it does not mean that nothing ever will happen to you. Live your life! Don´t be afraid! Love your life! Love every step! Because every step matters a lot!

For every new experience in your life, you learn something and you and your soul grow.

If you tend to be afraid of things in your life. Make sure you work on inner faith symbols, as a beautiful garden of peace in your heart.

Use your inner sanctury as a means to let go of worries and fears and this will aid you, many times over. For when you are in a good state of heart and mind, you will attract just the same. Just remember that you attract what you think of and you attract what you vibrate.

So let go of worries. Let go of fear once and for all!

Attract the good vibes! Attract the positive things in life!

And why? Because it is your right! You should not ever give this up!

I am there with you no matter what your vibrations are…but it is a lot nicer for you dear beloved!

I love you,


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