I am Michael and I love you!

You live on Earth a place where it is not easy to live most of the time.

I am with you anyway, no matter what you do, or how you life looks like.

Sometimes you think I am only with those that are happy?

It is an illusion that some people would be happy all the time!

True happiness comes from gratitude! Not money or items, materia!

A good friend is worth more than all the gold in the world!

What do you prefer in your life? A friend or gold?

This is a very important question for most people to ask themselves!

What can you really own? When you leave this planet…you bring nothing with you, exept for one thing…yes the answer is LOVE!

So. Rising up, first ascending and then? Coming back down to live on Earth with the insight of mercy and gratitude!

Some of you think, eventhough you are old souls, that ascension would be about getting out of here? Climbing up some stairs? Reaching nirvana and don´t look back over you shoulder, to escape all the trouble on Earth? Leaving others, that did not wake up?

I must say, it is just an illusion of ego!

And as ego tend to do, it works like an echo! It comes back to you, over and over again!

By now, you, my dear friend, you are capable, very well instructed after eons of time of preparation for this work on Earth, you know items and gold, money, does not make you happy.

It is just an old safety! But you also sit in its grip! I say it will losen up its grip, slowly and you will be more free!

It is actually a battle of the souls! You can still live in this society, where the money rules, but you have your inner knowing, that no one owns you, for you are perfectly free.

In this state of mind, body and soul, you seem to attract those that are stuck in items, owning things, as they are still stuck in their egos, but they are attracted to you, for their souls know that it is the end of a chapter.

The new true chapter of Earth is living with gratitude! Meaning having exactly what you need, and then sharing when you have to much.

No one can own Mother Earth! She is her own!

Still old habits, ego, to own, grows on Earth, and wars are started on many places on Earth. 

The very knowing you have, is being shared all around, you need not even open your mouth and speak up about it! For it is within you, and your aura.

Mother Earth is about motherhood and keeping a homestead, and women are the carriers, little grails of her, Earth.

The female and male energies are still imbalanced and there too is an old war still going on. 

The female energy is still too low. 

Bevare of the evil crusaide against women, motherhood and the feminine energy!

Turn away from whoever makes a profit on or enjoys hurting women or children in anyway. Always report to police if you notice or suspect anything bad going on.

Start where you live, where your feet are, where you walk! Look around you! 

And most of all never forget why you came here, to this planet!

You are a lightworker, a beacon, a channel of the new beautiful peaceful era and you are slowly walking and spreading a wondrous light all around you.

Your collaboration with the angelic sphere and your soul is the light itself, it is there all the time when you walk in the dark of Earth. 

Your job is to be anchored, grounded, keeping your beloved Faith safe and closest to your heart. And I Michael will always help you keep your Faith!

I love you,


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