I am Gabriel and all is in your favour. I love you, because you are the ones that hold the torches of liberty.

What I mean with the expression “no time to loose” is not that you are in a hurry, but rather that you can not do anything wrong because you are on the right track, and always have been.

Time is on your side, so you can not loose any time, that is impossible.

So what is it all about?

The only road that is forever is the road of Love!

This is the only thing that you always need to remember!

And now you might have some questions?

So you think I am saying (?):

That you should say or do nice things to those that are evil?

That you should turn your other cheek to bad things and just ignore what is going on?

No, going the love-road does not mean this at all.

Going or rather chosing to walk the lovepath, means: planning.

You have to plan every step that you take! Because you do not want to be surprised by those that do bad things or try and plan evil plots.

You have to know, that the way of the world is foremost an egocentric world – still – and you have to be prepared for it.

Even if you want the world to be a loving, caring place to live in, you and humanity is not there yet…

… you will all get there eventually 💓.

But it intails that you know that you have to be well prepared to be able to handle all the evil that is going on all around you.

You create a new positive time-line when you live with your eyes open and at the same time setting up a beautiful and good goal.

By being prepared is the same as understanding that some might try and use you in different ways for their own personal satisfaction.

So set up a wonderful goal, your personal Road of Love and Miracle Plan, and then aim for it, no matter who you meet.

All that you want is peace, and all you need is for the wonderful planet Earth to be a good place to live in, where humility reigns, and where no one even thinks of picking up a weapon, because you talk to each other.

You as the humanity you are, there are greater threats you need to deal with together, than starting wars on each other, you need each other so much, that you should consider yourself to be brothers and sisters all around the world.

You should take care of your planet instead. 

Care for her. 

You should care for her, your beloved Mother Earth. 

She that gives you everything, everyday. 

You couldn´t even start a war if you did not live here, on Earth. 

Why do you not even see her, why don´t you even listen to her? Why do you not want to get to know her? 

When you use her, your Mother in a way that is not good, you will never get right on track with love. Never.

So. It ALL starts with your Mother Earth. 

Ask yourself where do you want to go? 

What do you want to do? 

What is important to you?

Ask youself: 

What do you love? 

What do you hope for? 

What kind of future do you dream about in your most hopeful dreams?

Start with her, your Mother, for she knows you!

Yes she knows all about you. She knows about every step you have -ever- taken. She feels your heart. And she awaits you to make a loving contact with her. 

She, your Mother Earth, is as much a soul as God is. And she walks beside you, just as much as God does. She actually walks on the other side of you. And on the other side God walks. 

You are never alone. You walk on Earth doing your things and God and Mother Earth awaits you to start using your love in your heart, and chosing your steps accordingly.

No, all your steps is not for nothing. Of course not. But when you walk around your steps does not glow, in they way they where meant to glow.

Your steps want to glow in the love-glow, so you can fulfill your Purpose of the Soul, on Earth.

That is why you came here. And you can start now!

We believe in you. We always know that you can do it. We await you! And take your time! There is no hurry. Do it so you really feel that you love what you do! 

You came from love, and you will go back with the steps of love, because that is who you truly are.

Know that we love you very much,

Gaia and God, Gabriel.

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