Blessed Beings, it is a time of great movement. The spiral tightens, and change intensifies.


Your work is to go with the flow of your knowing, not resisting the timing or temper of the changes.

It is a balance of Awareness and creativity, using your mind and heart to hear and transform within.

Within you is the timeless infinite, the potential.

It is here you first create.

It is here you first communicate.

It is here, in this vibrational symphony, that the universe hears you.

Receiving is Becoming

As you have practiced the skill of receiving information, you have built a strength of Knowing.

The Knowing that you are in a constant state of change in the physical realm.

The Knowing that your perspectives and choices are cherished by Life.

The Knowing that you are Life continuing Life.

Create it.

As you receive information into your Awareness, you are offered the opportunity to weave your desire into what is.

You have learned for many years not to just accept what-is and perseverate.

You have learned to use the positives and negatives you perceive and to create.

You are now in a time of movement that speeds the spiraling of information to and from.

This is the Ricochet of which we speak.

It is the deep Knowing that you are always creating more Love from the core of who you are.

It is the understanding that information is continuously received and given by you.

The creativity of change being so automatic that Love’s creation Ricochets from you constantly.

Ricochet Love

Your work is still to observe with clear Awareness of your energy.

Your work is not to only think or feel positivity, but to allow the negatives and positives to meet your neutrality as soon as authentically possible.

Know that you are creating change with every breath.

Know that your core desires are within all that you are creating, and that change is constant here.

Your core desires revise, refine and Ricochet. 

Every moment.

Love flowing in all directions, invisibly infiltrating information.

Not controlling, offering the magnetic resonance of the passive force.

It is who you are.

Love Boldly

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