We are still in a powerful time of our Creative Harmonic. Animals have always been powerful partners and teachers. They even had a shift that I was aware of back in 2015.

It’s a natural cycle of growth.

Triad Connection

I had a wonderful animal experience as I stood quietly after finishing the Light Language transmission for July.

I heard an owl. Hearing an owl is always unusual where I live, but it was also well after daylight and therefore even more unusual.

When I lifted my head in the direction of the owl hoot, I didn’t see an owl but a coyote, looking right at me.

They are astute, so that didn’t surprise me. I kept looking and eventually saw an owl sitting on top of a tree. The great horned owl.

I could tell that the coyote was headed over to the area to see if there would be a potential meal available (spoiler alert, there was not).

I then noticed two red-tailed hawks taunting or considering attacking the owl.

What a trifecta I was witnessing.

Animal Interactions

The details of the story are unclear because I don’t know what happened while I was transmitting Light Language, likely a confrontation between the owl and hawk parents.

But as I was watching afterwards, the owl stayed on the tree and the hawks eventually left to look for food.

The coyote was out of luck.

As I read about the great horned owl, they sometimes share hunting ground with the hawk because owls hunt at night and hawks during the day, so they tolerate each other and have a healthy respect for the ability of the other.

The symbology felt electrifying. Please look more deeply into each animal and see what resonates for you, as I will not cover the entirety.

Owl Mastery

Owl represents our intuition and ability to “see in the dark” or see through illusion. Specifically, the ear-like tufts on the great horned owl represent hearing/receiving a depth of detail and subtlety.

Areon always reminds us we don’t just see or hear something, we receive it; it becomes part of our information.

Owl asks us to be aware of what we are receiving and understand our power.

And use it, loving lightworker.

Coyote Mastery

But what I first saw was the coyote. Resourceful and clever, the coyote is sometimes known as the trickster, reminding us that things are not always as they seem.

The cycle of Life is wise and always changing on Earth, so our adaptability is supported by a deep wisdom that often looks simple on the outside.

If things don’t work out like you planned this time, another opportunity will arise. It is your ingenuity and your tenacity that aligns with the next opportunity in this linear realm of movement.

As Lightworkers our first act of tenacity is within, illuminating and enhancing opportunity with our loving focus.

Hawk Mastery

Hawk is a powerful messenger. In this scenario it honored the moment of courageous protection by going up against a formidable opponent.

It also wisely recognized when a fight wasn’t necessary and began pursuing its own needs, creating within the cycle of life.

It seems the opportunist is prevalent here; whether that is greed, deception and other negative uses or ingenuity and creativity.

The trickster will try to deflect from the former and claim the latter. The owl sees and hears a deeper truth. The hawk courageously acts.

This movie is playing out [777] on the world stage.

Life is asking us to write the endings and beginnings that will continually occur.

Integrated Mastery

The great horned owl has yellow or orange eyes like the sun. While the sun is not visible at night, it is lighting the moon to remind us that the Light of Life is never truly gone, even when it’s not visible.

The red-tailed hawk soars high with great vision seeing details that others wouldn’t notice, a reminder that Life is interweaving the vast and the specific through you.

The coyote is not too far away; willing to take any opportunity, but unable to limit your flight.

You reside in a different realm, Lightworker. You’re here, you’re human, you’re part of the cycle of earthly life.

And you know deeply, with owl mastery, that your height takes your consciousness into vast Connection with the infinite engine that builds worlds.

It’s in you, around you, calling you and sustaining you, hawk mastery.

It’s time to fly.

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