Blessed Being, these powerful times are what you have prepared for. And yet the work is the same, your inner alignment creates a new outer alignment.

Saving the world is not on your shoulders. You merely continue to align your earthly self into the divinity you always are.

Becoming Powerful

Areon has been focusing us into the power of our Awareness and our subtle bridge so that we are using the vast invisible energy that builds worlds.

Your subtle bridge begins your work so Unity becomes more understood through the wisdom of experience.

When you experience yourself as more unified, you experience the world as more connected to you and through you.

It is through you that the new forms.

Perceiving Divinity

In order to create the new, your subtle bridge allows it through your heart and mind. It is your open, peaceful state that allows New Perspective to flow to you.

This comes from the sacred connection of all life, where potential resides.

Understanding your sacred connection values your uniqueness. It teaches you connection to life.

It allows new perspective to flow.

Anchoring Divinity

This is your divine gift to life, just as it is your divine gift from Life. The creative force is the value of the density of linearity.

Change is constant in this density. Embrace it and you flow gracefully with life.

Release the Addictions that hold you in fear of change, that cloud you from the power of connection. And most importantly, that belie your Sacredness.

Release Addiction to collective approval and outside power over your creative flow.

Release Addiction to expectations that limit your new perspective feeling out of reach.

Release Addiction to human being separate from Divine.

You are now, have always been and will always be Divine.

Perceive it in the potentials that support evolution of new potentials.

Love Yourself Boldly.

Love follows.

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