A few months ago, I started dreaming of tornadoes again. Big, black, swirling, nasty ones. In each dream, I was taking someone inside a house while very calmly sending the storm love to the storm, and feeling perfectly safe and protected. I always wake up from those dreams with the feeling that I’ve been out working. It takes a few minutes to orient myself back in my regular reality. I focus on the peace around me, listen to the birds singing, and then get on with my day.

It isn’t the first time I’ve had such dreams. When they occur, it either means real tornadoes are going to start swirling around more vehemently on Earth or emotional ones. As it ends up, both have been true. After the surge of light that came with the solar flares last month, it seemed like massive energies were set in motion. The weather started swirling, minds started swirling, and emotions no longer appeared “stuffable.” So many of the sensitive souls I talk with are feeling the intensity.

There’s a strong, sweeping current moving us all toward love. If you accept yourself in the moment, treat yourself in a kind and loving way, and focus on what feels good, then you’ll enjoy a wonderful flow, but if you look at what is irritating or upsetting too frequently, you’ll be crosswise with love’s current and feel the pain.

It is a time to focus more on what you want and let go of our collective obsession with the actions of others. What they do is irrelevant to your life if you can truly tend to your own vibration. If, however, we give the actions of others too much “air time” in our minds, then we can easily tune into things we’d rather not experience. Far better to tune into those who inspire you or uplift you, and even better to tune into your own inspiring thoughts or things in your life. As the saying goes, far better to be happy than “right.” That said, we’re all human! We have our not-so-proud moments, and it is important to just love ourselves through them.

Just last weekend, I was in a glorious flow, getting my office organized. I felt on top of the world. I was accomplishing more than I set out to get done until a certain computer program went nuts. In spite of all my efforts to do everything the manual told me to do, it was not behaving. A simple five-minute task started to stretch into hours.  My flow had been interrupted by some bad programming, and instead of focusing on my own programming, I came unhinged! I started to laugh as soon as I caught myself. I can withstand all sorts of human drama but a bad software program upset my own mental software! I quickly recalibrated, prayed for and blessed the programmers, sat with the angels for a few minutes, and received guidance on how to work around the problem.

We can work around bad programs and bad behaviors of all sorts if we’re aligned with love. When we are aligned with love, God can find a way around even the most upsetting things we witness. Last fall, it became apparent that it was time to move my classes to Phoenix. Inspired by behaviors that didn’t resonate, I simply gave the universe the task of guiding me to a new venue in Phoenix. One day, a loving force moved me to pick up the phone and called a venue I’m familiar with. I was beyond thrilled to learn a wonderful woman I’d worked with years ago was now in charge and, within minutes, had the place reserved.

The universe always has your back. Divine love and support is always there for us. So, while the world is intense, win a more peaceful and trusting space, we can float above that.

We can appreciate what is beautiful. We can look for the good news . We may not see it on the television news, but we can see it in in the grocery store, and in our own neighborhoods. There are so many loving souls quietly living their lives without making a fuss. They don’t make the news. But they do exist, and we can find them, appreciate them, and therefore enjoy more of them.

Nobody has more power over the trajectory of our lives than us. So if you get drawn into worrying about how the choices of others can affect you, here are a few pointers to recalibrate back into a more loving, supportive reality:

1.  Favor God’s Odds

The world is full of statistics and predictions.  They’re all based on the past.  They’re not based on what we’re creating consciously and intentionally for our future. So even if you’ve failed a thousand times, have bad genes, and are supported by no one, if you can sit, breathe, receive, and open yourself to the simple relaxation of breath and intend to receive love from the angels, your life will begin to change.

The vibration you attune to right here and now determines your future—not the actions of others or predictions based on the past.

God’s odds are always in your favor.

2. Participate in God’s economy

I don’t care what “the” economy is doing. I prefer God’s economy:

If you believe in my love, you’ll experience my love.
I will not stop loving. I will not stop giving.
I will not stop guiding. I will not stop providing.

If you want to understand the abundant nature of the Divine, look at nature. A single seed, smaller than a pea, can grow into a tree that feeds an entire ecosystem. An eggplant seed, less than an eighth of an inch across, grew into a four-foot bush in my backyard that, for four years, has provided so abundantly that one year I had to give them away. A single tiny pepper seed grew into a plant that, four years later, is still giving to me.

Nature is generous and abundant. So is the Divine. 

3. Place more Value on God’s opinion of you

Everyone you meet will form an opinion of you based on their own conditioning. Those who resonate with you will like you. Those who don’t may or may not. Those who need your approval will love you if you give it and hate you if you don’t. Victims need either heroes or perpetrators and no matter how you bend over backward around someone in this pain, you’ll be put in one of those two categories based on how well you satisfy them… or not. It isn’t about you.

W could jump through hoops and spend a lot of energy trying to please others or we can rest in an awareness of truth. God loves you. God sees your heart. God knows your good intentions. Even when you feel you’ve screwed up, God sees you trying to grow. Even when you feel you’ve failed, God sees what you’ve learned and where you’ll go with that.

It is far more valuable to think often of the fact that you are loved beyond any stretch of the imagination. How much you experience depends on how much you’re willing to receive.  Those who need God to behave like a human and “prove his love” exist in a vibration of doubt in which they cannot receive it.

Far better to say, ok, let me love myself, be kind to myself, and trust that even if I can’t see it, there must be some loving creator. Look at nature.Look at the beauty of a single blossom. Look at the perfection of the seasons and the harmony between seemingly conflicting species as they find a very unique and amazing balance.

Rather than fretting over what someone else thinks of you, remind yourself often. “God thinks I’m just fine.” Then sit, breathe, receive, and open to it so you can eventually feel that love engulf you because once you do, it is hard to doubt!

It’s a wild world right now, but the one thing we can count on is that if we stop giving others power over our lives and give that back to the eternally loving Creator, we will have a much better, happier, abundant, and harmonious ride.

The post Aligning with the Creator first appeared on Ann Albers Visions of Heaven.

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