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Dear Ones,

Perhaps you fear joy can never be prominent in your life, that what you feel now is all there is. You are reverting to 3D fears that are no longer part of your world.

You might also feel lopsided or uncomfortable because you continue to shed what was and are not yet comfortable with what is becoming. It is like upgrading your computer software. Even though you soon adjust to the new capabilities, initially, an upgrade tends to feel unwieldy and uncomfortable.

You are in the awkward stages of adjusting to your new being with all the ramifications such a leap into the new entails. The same is true for all who wish to evolve, so interactions are not as simple or loving as you expect, encouraging feelings of loneliness. And if you live alone, you feel isolated even with your computers, books, nature, and television. You are in the 3D teen stage: “No one understands me, and no one likes me.”

Perhaps this message makes you angry. Where is the joy the Universes dangled in front of you for months or years? When does this shifting stop long enough for you to feel more than a few minutes of joy?

Just as was true for the progression of inner security created with 3D aging, this shift from 3D adult to new you is a process.

You have all the necessary inner workings. It is now a matter of adjusting to those inner shifts.

Some of you will or have adjusted more rapidly than others – as was true when you were a teenager. So some of you feel/seem very much like a new you adult while others struggle to become more mature. Please remember that those who seemed so mature when you struggled with your 3D teen maturity spurt were not that different from you once you fully accessed your personhood. So it is now. This is a short race – not of years or decades, but weeks and months. The earth does not have or need years to evolve, as was true when you were a teen trying to negotiate your entrance into adulthood.

Granted, much of your time before transitioning seemed to be clearing, and your current feelings seem so similar. The difference is that your 3D clearings were about letting go of pieces of your former earth lives that affected your transition. You have transitioned. Now, you are positioning and repositioning your new skills and interests—a task that requires as much energy as your 3D teen shifts.

So you feel as if you are in the midst of a never-ending adjustment, forgetting everything you achieved and worrying that your joy will never return or appear. Like buyer’s remorse after moving from one home to another with thoughts of “I knew where everything was in my former home, and now I can’t find anything” and on and on, comparing your former environment to the new environment that feels all wrong even though it better suites your needs.

You are part of the new, never a comfortable position initially, even though it is growth or a shift for the better. Allow yourself to adjust to this new you, including accepting the learning curve, which is a natural process from the comfortable to the new.

You are in the right place internally, as is everyone who has transitioned. Stop trying to force yourself into joy and out of discomfort or fear. You are evolving not just from one 3D stage to another but from one being to another. Your internal being is no longer your 3D being, as is true for all who have transitioned.

You are trying to find your center and beingness while negating what was.

Even though you might feel you have failed or your struggles to shift the earth and yourself from 3D to beyond have been for naught, you are a new being trying to find your place in a confusing world. Many have transitioned, but there are still a number who remain staunchly in 3D, expecting you and others to support them. This is similar to a younger sibling becoming angry or confused when their older sibling displays teen angst.

Just as was true during your 3D teen angst stage, you do not necessarily understand logically why you need to say, do, or feel something. You just know this is who you are or are becoming. Allow yourself to flow into your new being and allow the same for others – without fear, rancor, or anger. What was is no more. So be it. Amen.

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