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Dear Ones,

Even though you wish to be with others or others want to be with you, the verbal messages you exchange might appear contrary to that. So you are confused, as are those close to you. You feel at cross-purposes, yet you wish to interact. It is a confusing time.

The holiday season is usually filled with expectations that can never be fulfilled or only partially fulfilled. Now that everyone, including you, is discombobulated by the energies and the seasonal demands, inconvenient and inexplicable fears are coming to the forefront in ways you and others did not expect.

Many expected this holiday season to be comfortable, pleasant, and less hectic. Despite that hope, you find it more rushed and perhaps more fearful than ever. You want to return to the 3D love you once shared with others – a love not necessarily based on your truth or that of others. But now you cannot pretend, hide, or try to reverse what is with a glib response or quick reply. Such hurts emotionally and sometimes physically. You feel isolated despite interactions with others.

This season’s interactions are not an indication that future holidays will be similar because of your new inner-voice thoughts and actions. Instead, you are sensing an inner honesty that does not necessarily relate to what you have experienced. What was once fun or loving seems arduous. And what was once painful feels more painful. There is no place to hide from your inner thoughts and feelings.

You are undergoing the significant transition step of discovering and declaring your needs despite the needs of others. You are not yet comfortable with this, and neither are those who expect you to be who you have been. So perhaps you speak up and feel guilty about doing so, or you do not voice your concerns and are angry at yourself for not doing so.

The next few days are about acknowledging and using your inner voice – which probably feels wrong even though you cannot deny the need to do so. It is a bit like the terrible twos of childhood with the added knowledge of what you should do and be. A challenging emotional place.

The next few days are practice runs – both for you and those with whom you interact. So there will be flare-ups, anger, embarrassment, and gnashing of teeth. Why will be the question for all. “Why did I say that?” “Why did she snap at me?” “What happened to my friendship?” “Why do I feel bad even though I told them what I needed?” and on and on. Questioning your voice and judgment, as are most at this time.

You are discovering yourself. But unlike two-year-olds, you are not allowing yourself blunders, nor are others allowing that of themselves or you.

People are on edge, waiting for something that is not necessarily definable. So it feels like a cloud hanging over every gathering or sparkle of joy. “What am I missing?” “Doesn’t he like me anymore?” And so it goes as you fall into the 3D trap of self-doubt and self-flagellation.

This will not necessarily be a pleasant week because you – like most people – will fear yourself and your interactions with others.

We of the Universes urge you to be yourself, whatever that means for you. You will understand when you access your inner world. Your inner world will inform you when what you said accidentally hurt someone, removed you from an ongoing caretaking role, or negated your need for victimhood. All of which are probable in the next few days.

You will then better understand what you need and where you need to be – as will others. For you are not the only person undergoing these inner trials and tribulations. It is a worldwide event of feeling wrong but needing to explore whatever was said or done in reaction to others.

It is as if everyone is exploring their terrible twos simultaneously.

Allow yourself the same freedom you do for two-year-olds because even though you cannot speak for others, they will also be confused with their words and interactions.

This is a practice session with few repercussions. Just as you ignore or laugh at most two-year-old antics, the next few days will be wiped clean for everyone.

Acknowledge your inner feelings and then say or do what feels suitable for you despite previous interactions because you and those you are relating to were different.

This is a new you inner honesty test week, which you will easily pass for you have all the attributes necessary to do so. So relax as much as you can and accept that this will be a harried and perhaps uncomfortable few days that will not be part of your future life. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the –subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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