What March 2024 Is Really About ∞The 12D Creators, a Nonphysical Collective Consciousness, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“We are here for you. We are The Creators. We are a twelfth-dimensional collective of nonphysical beings, and we are here to help. 

Yes, indeed it is a wonderful time to be alive there on Earth, and it is a wonderful time to be alive because you are awake. And because you are awake, you know you can change everything with a single thought. You know that you do not have to physically move a mountain to experience that mountain in a different place, and you know this because you understand the nature of reality and that it is always changing because you are always shifting. 

This is a great deal of power to hold inside oneself indeed. And it is the application of that power that you are there to explore now that you are awake. Now you can rise above the drama of us versus them, and you can step into the power of yourselves as Creator Beings. This is what we most enjoy teaching all of you. You are not there to live out the same kinds of lives as your ancestors, and you are there to experience a great shift in consciousness that you are also participating in.

You participate in it more consciously once you awaken to the truth of who you really are. You are the Source and you are The Creator, and you are meant to do so more consciously because you have the awareness that you have. 

Now, as you look ahead at the month of March on your calendar, you can wonder what the month of March is going to be like, and what it is going to be about for you and for humanity, or you can decide. Because from where we are sitting in the twelfth dimension, we see much energy being given for creative purposes, and those of you who are there, grounded in your bodies and present in the moment are more capable of receiving those creative energies and doing something with them. You can do whatever you want with them because you have that level of freedom, but you don’t have to wait to find out what’s going to happen in March of 2024, because you are Creator Beings, and now you know that you are being given more of the tools of creation.

And the showering of that creative energy will continue throughout the entire month. You can tap in to that energy at any time, and you can start creating at any time what you desire to experience for yourselves and for others. Again, there are less limitations upon you now than there ever have been before. But until you know that, until you feel it, you can still operate under the assumption that you are meant to be very limited in what you can do, in what you can create, and in what you can experience. 

Therefore, we invite you to step into your Creatorhood right now, and start deciding for yourselves what this month of March is really about, because it will be about something different for you than it will be for someone else. And when you tap in to the creative energies of March, you will see that you have more to work with than ever before, and you will feel it in your bones. On top of that, you will also be receiving more inspired ideas from which to pounce, and that is something to get very excited about. 

We are The Creators, and we love you very much.”

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