Transmission from the Galactic Center ∞The Andromedan Council of Light, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“We are the Andromedan Council of Light, and we are very excited to be connecting with you. 

This is a beautiful time to be expressing in human form there on Earth because of all of the possibilities that you have in front of you. You are not confined to a pre-birth script or blueprint that you must follow at this point in your evolution of consciousness. You get to move now down whichever timeline feels best to you, and all of those timelines will include e.t. contact experiences and ascension. So that means you can all relax. The apocalypse is not coming.

And we also know that it is a wonderful time for you all to be there because we have noticed how well you are handling the energies. You are doing beautifully with the energies that are coming from all points across the universe. And even if these energies sometimes zap you and slow you down or disrupt your sleep, you are acclimating to them nicely and you are ready for more. You are ready for transmissions from the galactic core, the galactic center. 

You are ready to have your hearts activated completely so that you can complete your missions there of e.t. contact and ascension with ease, with joy, with a skip in your step. You are also there always in service, and you want to be in service, and you want to be of service to as many people as you possibly can, and so these galactic transmissions of energy are going to help light you up to more people so that you can have more interest in you and what you are doing to evolve your consciousness. You are all meant to lead, all meant to inspire, and those of you who know this are doing it while others of you have been hesitating a bit. But rest assured that the inspiration is coming, and you will act upon it, and you will know your place in this galactic dance of ours that is also a universal dance. 

We who observe you are excited about what is to come for you, and we are excited to see the looks on your faces as you evolve exponentially throughout the rest of the year. The moments of downloads and inspired ideas will continue to multiply, and the mass awakenings of those who have been asleep will also begin to show up more and more on your radar. As we said, you will light up to them and they will come to you, and you will have everything that you have been working on within yourself to offer, and that is beautiful to witness from our star system. You will always have our support and our love from afar.

We are the Andromedan Council of Light, and we have enjoyed serving you in this way.”

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