The Place of Ultimate Power ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“We are The Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

You are awakening to the truth of who you really are more and more every day, and you are helping those around you do the same by holding that knowing in your consciousness. You are there to have experiences as the Source Energy Self, to see the world through the eyes of that which many call God. And you are there to create. Once you have an experience, you must decide how you want to frame that experience. When you eventually get to the perspective of Source, you then become a much more effective and powerful creator being.

We desire for you to recognize yourselves as such, to realize that you are meant to create and to have a joyous experience of your ascension. Even though your ascension is assured, you still are deciding how you are going to do it. You still get to determine for yourselves which set of eyes you see ascension through. And many people are choosing to see it through very human eyes, eyes of separation, eyes of judgment. 

Many people are hoping that ascension is an escape, but you are not there to escape. You are there to integrate, and you are integrating that which you have previously condemned so that you can see everyone and everything as part of one Whole Being. That being is Source, and when you are acting as Source, and loving as Source, you are able to see everything as Source. When you are thinking as human and acting as human, you want to judge and separate and condemn, and then you get more of the same reality that you’ve been getting. 

So those of you who are truly awake know this, and it resonates with you, and you are there to teach it through your example. You are there to show others what it looks like and what it feels like to be one who walks in a human body but who holds the consciousness of the Divine. Now, as you do so, you get to create wonderful things, wonderful business and buildings and vehicles and clothing and artwork and movies, and we encourage you to do so because self-expression as Source Energy serves everyone. And creation from that place of knowing that every creation can be of service is how you build a better world. 

You still have time to dwell there in the fourth dimension, and you might as well do so from that place of empowerment and from that place of creativity. You might as well take your awakened self to everything that you do and everything that you create. There is much room for growth, still, and we are talking to those of you who are in the Awakened Collective, because if there wasn’t room to grow, you would be stagnant. There is no such thing as that type of stagnation. 

You are always growing and becoming more of who you are, and you get to do it joyously through your experiencing of your conscious creations and you get to show others what is possible when one who is aligned with Source Energy creates. And so, go forth and be fruitful and create, and know that you are having the impact on the rest of humanity that you seek to have, as long as you are in that place of remembering who you really are, and you are creating from that place of ultimate power, that place of alignment with Source. 

We are The Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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