The Lyran Contribution to the 2-22 Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We have been working with humanity from the very beginning, but we have been very much behind the scenes in our offerings of assistance. Others from star systems in our galaxy have helped humanity quite a bit, and at times that help has become interference and has actually taken away from your ability to naturally evolve into the beings you will ultimately become. But worry not, because help is on the way. The Lyrans have given us permission to share with you the energies that they are providing for the February 22nd portal. The energies being sent by the Lyrans are for helping you all to release the traumas you experienced on Lemuria and all traumas experienced with extra-terrestrial beings. 

These energies are hugely important in the coming contact experiences that you all have as individuals and as a collective. Therefore, we are very happy with this offering by the Lyrans, as they are once again taking initiative in helping humanity to grow and evolve, but they are not interfering. They are not interfering because these energies don’t just do everything for you. They support you in releasing your own trauma. They create a space, a container, in which that can happen, and they help to activate your excitement for extra-terrestrial contact. The Lyrans also want you to know that the energies will give you Lyran DNA activations.

And so, as you continue on with your journeys of ascension, recognize that all that has ever been done to humanity is going to be healed. It is going to be reversed; you are going to receive tenfold in the positive everything that has been projected to you that has been negative. Now, we don’t want to play into any victimhood type of mentality here, and so we just want to remind you that all that has ever happened to humankind has been to give you a unique experience, an experience you chose before you were born into each and every incarnation. Therefore, nothing has ever gone wrong there on Earth, and you are not a prison planet. You are not being controlled all the time. Certain limitations needed to be put into place so that you could all have the experiences you wanted to have. 

And there had to be those who would play that role for you, and those beings are now looking to shift all of that and actually help. The Lyrans never had an intention to do harm. Many of the beings that interfered with the normal and natural development of your consciousness never intended to do any harm. But just like you, they had to have certain experiences that would help them to grow, and sometimes being the unintentional villain in someone else’s story is an experience that a soul wants to have. Or in the case of these e.t.s, many different souls. 

Once again, recognize nothing is ever going awry there and there are no mistakes. You will continue on your journey of ascension without any interference and only with the help of your friends from other star systems who love you very much and who feel responsible for you. And we do hope that brings you some solace and helps you to relax so that you can receive the full benefit of these 2-22 energies that are now upon you and will continue to be upon you throughout the remainder of the month of February. Please dip in to all of them and enjoy!

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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