How to Jump Timelines w/the Equinox Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“We are The Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We have been instructing all of you for quite some time in the astral plane, and we have specifically been giving you guidance as to how to jump timelines. We know that you have heard of jumping timelines before, and we also know that you perhaps believed that you had to jump timelines with the entire human collective going to the new timeline with you. But that is not the case because there is a version of the human collective on every timeline. 

Therefore, you don’t have to wait until everyone else is ready there on Earth to have an experience yourself of what you want, even if that experience involves all other humans. An experience like peace on Earth, or an experience like a mass landing of spaceships are two examples of global events that you can have at any time. And again, that is because when you personally jump a timeline, you go to a different reality where there is already a human collective that is also vibrating at that same frequency to have that global experience with you.

And so, we mentioned that the equinox energies are there to assist you and allow you to jump timelines, but we want you to know that there are an infinite number of timelines to choose from, and we also wanted to assure you that you don’t have to wait for everyone else to be ready the timeline that you want to experience. Now is the time to get crystal clear about what you want to experience on your new timeline. Tell the universe and your guides. Tell your higher self, and tell them all out loud. And then match those words with your vibration. Align with your new timeline. 

And again, you don’t have to feel bad about leaving your old timeline behind and the human collective that exists on that timeline, because you can renew, refresh, and restart that timeline as you are leaving. Your intentions are so powerful, and as you hold that intention to not abandon anyone, then that will be your experience. You will not be abandoning anyone, because another aspect of your soul will still be there on that timeline helping, serving, doing all the things that you want to do to live a life of purpose. 

And so, do not feel guilty about jumping to a better timeline, because you are setting a good example to everyone else and showing them how it’s done. You are adding something to the collective consciousness of all humans on all timelines that everyone will benefit from, because anyone and everyone can tap in to that template. 

You are doing such amazing work on yourselves and doing so much for all of humanity by being awake, and you get to experience the relationships, the prosperity, the health and well-being that you want, and then you will teach others how to jump timelines, because you will have successfully done it and felt the difference on the new timeline. And as we said before, these energies that are coming in for the equinox will be helping you always to jump timelines. And so, everyone will be able to benefit from these energies at some point, and you will always be able to help the entire human collective, no matter where you are. 

We are The Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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