Faster Manifestation ∞The Andromedan Council of Light, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“We are the Andromedan Council of Light, and we are excited to be connecting with you. 

This is a glorious time for humanity because you have access to so much. So many individuals have tapped in to so much nonphysical consciousness that you do have more teachings available to you. You do have more tools, more tricks and more techniques to utilize in the creation of your experience of your reality. 

Now, there is a key component that not all of these teachers from the nonphysical are talking about that we would like to address here. When you exhibit the trait of patience, you are in that moment letting go of your attachment to what you want to create and experience. And therefore, patience will cause what you want to experience to come more quickly to you. Now, you can be eager and excited and patient all at the same time. And when you add the eagerness and the excitement, you do also accelerate the manifestation into your reality. However, patience is the key because when you have patience, it is like telling the universe, ‘I trust that it’s coming, and I accept the perfect timing of it.’

When you don’t have as much patience as is required, then you experience doubt, and then you worry about whether you did the right technique for manifestation. You might also wonder if you have some blockages or some bad karma that’s keeping it from coming to you. All doubt and all worry slow down the manifestation process. Two other states of being will speed it up for you. One is love, and love speeds up the manifestation process because love is your natural state. It is our natural state. 

Joy is the other state of being that will help you in manifesting more quickly what it is that you desire. When you are experiencing joy, you are saying to the universe, ‘I have everything that I need right now to be my whole and full self,’ and it is that energy that is abundance. That energy is in alignment with abundance. And what you want to manifest is an abundance of your desired reality. You want to manifest what is in that desired reality. So you are asking the universe for more, and when you match the vibration of abundance, you get more. 

When you are thinking about the fact that what you want to manifest hasn’t arrived yet, you are in the vibration of lack, and you will experience more lack as a result. You get what you focus upon. You have undoubtedly heard that expression before, which is really a truth. It is a truth with a capital ’T’ in this universe of ours. We invite you to get excited about  even knowing that you are manifesting your reality at all times. We invite you to get excited in knowing that everything you have ever wanted is already yours. We invite you to get excited about experiencing yourself as being one with your desired manifestations. 

We want you to feel more whole and complete as you are, and these manifestations that you desire don’t make you feel more whole and complete. But rather, they reflect to you the wholeness and the completeness of your nature, your true nature. And so, we desire for you what you desire for you, because we know that you will get it when you become more of your whole, natural self. And we know that we can contribute to those teachings that you have received by reminding you of these truths as often as we possibly can. 

We are the Andromedan Council of Light, and we have enjoyed serving you in this way.”

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