Dream Big & Create More with the Eclipse Energies ∞The 12D Creators, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“We are here for you. We are The Creators. We are a twelfth-dimensional collective of nonphysical beings, and we are here to help.

We recognize you as the creator beings you truly are, and we love encouraging you to create. We offer you an invitation to create with the eclipse energies that you have coming up there in just a few days. Now, leading up to an event like an eclipse there is a preparation that occurs, and it is a psychic preparation. You are all preparing yourselves for these energies, and as a result, more beings and collectives can help you and do the upgrades and activations on you that you desire and that you in fact need.

And so, we are inviting you to get very deliberate about what it is you want to create along with these eclipse energies that you have upon you and that will be absolutely at their most powerful at the time of the eclipse. You’re going to find that your system upgrades are very valuable during that time, and you’re also going to find that the work that you do on yourselves will pay off immensely. All the clearing, releasing, and healing that you have done has made you a beautiful vessel for energies to flow through. 

And there will be more and more energies coming to flow through you as you move on through the month of April. We are talking about getting very clear about what you want to create and even writing down and speaking out loud those desires of yours. Your desires are powerful, and they do create, but when you have more supportive energies coming in, you can experience faster manifestation results.

We know that many of you who are awake have become impatient with the process of ascension and many other things. And so, we are inviting you to recognize yourselves as creator beings who have additional help at this time, and we know that some of you already know this, but the sky is the limit. We are telling you to dream big. 

We are telling you to think outside the box and to put things in your creation box that may have seemed outlandish to you during other times of your life there on planet Earth. It is a beautiful time for you all to be there and to have so much that you do want, and it is an even better time for you all to be letting in that which you create because it is yours and yours alone to claim. 

We are The Creators, and we love you very much.” 

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