Abilities You Need as You Close in on the 5th Dimension ∞The 9D Arcturian Council Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very appreciative of all of you who have decided to open yourselves up to us and to our energetic transmissions. We see you all as extensions of us, and we invite you to see us as extensions of you. We know that the connection becomes stronger between beings when there is focus, when there is desire, and when there is strong feeling. Therefore, we always get excited when another human starts to put their attention on us, and we especially love it when we can feel you all feeling our energy. It is a very good sign for the human being in question as well, because it means that you have raised your vibration to a level where we are perceptible to you.

This is something we want you to pay attention to as you move through your day there on Earth. If you ask yourself what you are putting your attention on, and whether doing so causes you to raise your vibration or lower it, that will be a key factor for you in determining whether that focal point of yours is serving you. Ask yourselves if you would want to merge with what you are focusing on, or whether you are just doing it out of habit, or because everyone else is focusing on that thing, that event, or that person. Really start to make a point of checking in with your vibration and with the choice that you are making in the moment in terms of your focus, your attention. It takes very little time to do this, and even less effort. It’s not even an action that we are suggesting you take. 

Now, let’s say you find yourself focusing on something that doesn’t feel good to you, but that you have been habitually focusing on for quite some time. When you catch yourself focusing on that topic, that subject, or that person, just take a deep breath and let it go. You don’t need to figure out why you started focusing in that direction; you just need to release it in the moment that you catch yourself in that particular energy, that particular vibration. Now, if on the other hand, you find yourself focusing on something or someone that you like focusing upon, and you can feel your vibration rising up as a result, then take note of that so you can do it more on purpose.

And remember also that you need to be aware of how you are focusing on whatever it is. So if you are focusing on something that feels good to you, but then you shift your perspective to, ‘Well, I don’t have that in my life right now,’ or ‘Why hasn’t that person returned my last text, call or email?’ then you are going to find yourself lowering your vibration because of that choice to focus on the lack. 

Stay with the essence, not the details of whether you have or don’t have whatever you’re focusing on. Stick with how the essence of that makes you feel, and notice your vibration rising up, and then it serves you. You have that ability to shift perspective, as well as shifting focal point, and these are abilities that you want as you get closer to the fifth dimension. They are abilities that you want to hone and to master, because everything will start to move faster and faster in your experience as you continue on into these higher-frequency energies. Pay attention. Make the adjustment. Make the choice. And live happily ever after. 

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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