A New Spiritual Practice for the Awakened ∞St. Germain, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“I am St. Germain, keeper of the violet flame.

You are welcoming in so much more of yourselves whenever you are in a state of relaxation, and I know that being in a state of relaxation is not something that you often think about or try to achieve as a spiritual practice. And you must realize that there is so much of an emphasis in your modern world on doing. You also have much that you can consume in terms of entertainment and even information, but not all of that time spent absorbing and consuming information is relaxing. Even some of your shows and movies are rather unsettling and not very relaxing at all.

To grant yourselves permission to have time to just do nothing and be is a spiritual practice, and it is one that I want to encourage more of you to engage in. Do not think for a moment that you have to be productive in order to earn your way to the completion of your ascension. You are able in fact to get so much more accomplished in your moments of relaxation because you allow more to be done for you by your helpers, by your friends in the nonphysical. And something else to recognize about that time you are relaxing is that you often get your best ideas when you are doing nothing.

When you let yourselves slip into a state of relaxation, you are also existing in those moments without resistance, and resistance causes all types of ailments, it keeps you from receiving so many of your manifestations, and it simply lowers your vibration and puts you in a bad mood. So my suggestion here is that you seek out the ways that you can relax, and you make relaxation a priority in your life. This is going to be a new spiritual practice for many of you because you have been taught from a very young age to always be doing or learning or thinking.

And when you let go of the belief that you have to be engaging in some activity in order to be good, you will be able to allow in more of the good that is your natural self, your whole self. You are good, not because of what you do, or even because of what you think, but because you are Source. And a master relaxes because the master knows that they already are Source and that there is nothing to prove to themselves or anyone else. 

And so, if you can make relaxation a part of your daily routine, and I know you can, then I suggest you do so that you can start to benefit from all that can come to you by virtue of the fact that you will not be in a state of resistance. You are meant to receive, and you are meant to receive most of the time. Your action can be useful and very productive, but it does not have to be what you use to judge yourself or the quality of your day. You can in fact choose to focus on your vibration instead, and in a state of relaxation, you will be aware of the gradual upliftment of your vibration. I promise you, you will.

I am St. Germain, keeper of the violet flame.”

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